Facts about the 1970s Fashion

The 1970s were some of the most memorable years in human history. For instance, Japan overtook West Germany to become the second-largest economy in the world. Iran experienced a major revolution while Britain elected its first female Prime Minister. Moreover, fundamental changes in music and film occurred during this time. A good example of these

The Top 10 Rock Bands of the 70’s

Some of the most renowned rock bands in history emerged during the 1970s. Moreover, rock culture evolved and became widespread during this period. Here are the top rock bands of the 70’s. 1. Pink Floyd Albums released by this group in the 1970’s included Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and

7 Facts about 70’s

It brings good refreshing memories for those who lived in the 70’s because life was quite different then. The people who lived then and are still alive today can attest to the fact that the 70’s decade was one of the amazing decades ever comparing with the day today life. Life in 70’s had the

5 Awesome Things That The ’70s Gave To Us

The 70’s brought several things that have stuck to date, some have been forgotten along the way and some will linger around for quite some more time. Some fads can be forgotten unless we keep the memories alive in blogs about the 70’s. Compact cassette This is one thing that revolutionized the way music was